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Briefly about us

Welcome to Translation Company's DODAM official Latvian webpage!

Translation Company DODAM specializes in providing certified translations of personal documents. We also cooperate with numerous large translation companies on multi-lingual translation and localization projects.

The main office of the Translation Company DODAM is located at 10 Riga Street in the City of Valmiera, the Republic of Latvia. Latvia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, one of the three Baltic States. It is bordered by Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and by a maritime border to the west with Sweden. Latvia is a democratic parliamentary republic established in 1918. The capital city is Riga, the European Capital of Culture 2014. Latvian is the official language of the country. 

At the Translation Company DODAM, we mainly focus on translations with Latvian as one of the languages in our working language combinations. 

Some of the language combinations required most often are:

Latvian to English          and   English to Latvian

Latvian to Russian         and   Russian to Latvian

Latvian to Lithuanian     and   Lithuanian to Latvian

Latvian to Estonian        and   Estonian to Latvian

Latvian to Polish           and    Polish to Latvian

Latvian to German        and    German to Latvian

Latvian to Norwegian    and    Norwegian to Latvian

Latvian to Ukrainian      and    Ukrainian to Latvian

Latvian to French          and   French to Latvian

In order to inquire if we could do a quality translation for you, please contact us at 

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Please know that we will not promise a translation unless we feel confident that we can provide the required quality. The company's name "DODAM" means "WE GIVE". We give you our word - our promise. This is our corporate slogan.  

Invitation to translators

We strive to expand our database of translators. Sometimes we translate through third languages. Thusm please feel free to e-mail us your resume/CV and application at

Šī e-pasta adrese ir aizsargāta pret mēstuļošanu (spam), Jūsu pārlūkam ir jābūt aktivizētam Javascript, lai to aplūkotu

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Your DODAM team


DODAM team - Ilze

Ilze Berzina
Founder. Leading Translator.

DODAM team - Irina

Irina Silova
Partner. Company Manager.

DODAM team - Laura

Laura Avotina
Client Service Manager