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Sākums Testimonials


I am a Danish citizen running the company Sia Vildavas Agro in Latvia. I do not understand a word of Latvian so I needed to find a company which could translate - often within a very short time limit - from Latvian to English or Danish/ Latvian or. vice versa. The translation jobs have been regular letters, official documents, contracts, emails, bills and so on. Sia Dodam has always fulfilled their job to my best satisfaction and always within the agreed time limit and for a very fair price. Actually we have also chosen Sia Dodam to translate for our Danish companies: "Jens Axel Sørensen", "Kodbølgaard Holding ApS", "Jas Inv. ApS" and our German company "DanMast Rubkow".

Regards Lene Sørensen, Vildavas Agro


What I mainly like is the timing in which translations are provided. Requests are always urgent and you manage to provide them to us very fast. I feel that you care about us. 

Marco Galazzo, Intimissimi, Calzedonia


Many thanks for your availability, surely we will continue to work together.

Carmelo Sturniolo, S.P. IMPIANTI SIA and S.F. IMPIANTI Group


Our law firm has been using translation services provided by DODAM, LLC since 2009. We trust their quality and we appreciate the business culture of this company.

Sworn Solicitors Atlacis & Partners


I highly recommend the Translation Company DODAM as service provider for the language combination English and Latvian. We work together over almost five years from now on different translation projects and I have to say that I am very satisfied with our collaboration. The staff of the Translation Company DODAM is very committed in their work, very precise, organised and reliable. We collaborated manly on translation of legal documents that were of excellent quality and ready to use. 

Vida Papić
Owner of translation company Parole prijevodi
Zagreb (Croatia)


We have been long time clients of DODAM, LLC which is why we would like to say a few good words about you. Translations have always been provided at very good deadlines and in high quality. The response to any request has been provided rapidly and there has always been a good solution. It have occurred on a couple of instances where we needed a translation urgently on Friday afternoons, and DODAM managers have been able to deliver it either a couple of hours later or on the morning of the following Monday. The prices are friendly and adequate. Therefore, we will continue this very satisfactory cooperation because we like how you work.

SIA "J&R Grupa" 


Although we have not had a lot of work for you to do, we have been very happy with our cooperation. We particularly like the speed at which you work and the way you communicate. We will definitely continue cooperating with you. 

Ieva Zariņa, Bakery “Liepkalni”



DODAM team - Ilze

Ilze Berzina
Founder. Leading Translator.

DODAM team - Irina

Irina Silova
Partner. Company Manager.

DODAM team - Laura

Laura Avotina
Client Service Manager